The Authority Site System – Gael Breton, Perrin Carrell

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The Authority Site System – Gael Breton, Perrin Carrell download

What’s Inside The Course

  • Module 1, THE BASICS OF ONLINE MARKEING – In this module, Perrin will catch you up on the basic mechanics website owners use to generate traffic and revenue with their sites.
  • Module 2, NICHE & KEYWORD RESEARCH – In this module, we will focus on doing all the planning for your upcoming website.
  • Module 3, BUILDING THE SITE & OPTIMISING IT – Once the planning is done, we will be setting your site up in the most optimal way possible.
  • Module 4, COMMERCIAL CONTENT CREATIN & OPTIMISATION – After your site has been setup, it is time to start building a content process and focus on achieving a return on investment.
  • Module 5, INFO CONTENT & LINK BUILDING – Following the creation of your commercial content, it is now time to add a marketing layer to your site to boost it’s reach and allow the commercial content created in the previous module to gain momentum and generate revenue.

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